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A blend of African coffee beans. Sourced from Uganda, Ethiopia, & Rwanda.

With slightyly spicy flavor notes including Bergamot, Raisins, Dark Chocolate and Almond. 


Local coffee farmers work together to create opportunities for local cyclists - that's the idea behind the AMANIproject. Thanks to our friends, we managed to source the beans for the Amani blend directly from Rwandan, Ethiopiean, and Ugandan farmers

The AMANI Clubhouse Blend

€ 20,00Prijs
  • So you’ve heard of the Amani House that we are building in Iten Kenya - now we’ve got the Amani House “Blend”!

    Together with our partners in the Netherlands ProCoffeeClub we’ve created a delicious East African blend that is sure to make you faster on the bike ;) 

    On the back of the label you’ll find more information about the Amani House - a cycling performance center we are building for the current and future generations of East African Cyclists. 

    On the back of the label there is a  QR code to support our most important initiative to date. If we build it, they will come!!!

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